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WE help fix your "vehicle's value". WE want you to get a safe and proper repair. WE help you get what is fair.

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If you’ve been in a car wreck, why are you going to trust the insurance company paying for the damages to help you get what you deserve? WreckExpert is here to help you. We are appraisers, adjusters, consultants, and experts working for you. We offer a free review of your situation to see how we can help. There are millions of Americans neglected during a claim and luckily WreckExpert is here to help you!

25 Years of Experience in Insurance Claims

WreckExpert's team of professionals has over 25 years of dealership and collision management experience. We are well versed in the industry and know that it’s common for a consumer to not get what they deserve. Just like any other type of claim, it’s always good to have an expert looking out for you. Thanks to the guidance, experience, and expertise of Rocco Avellini and Wreck Check Car Scan, WreckExpert has been a trusted source, and we are expanding across the country.

Dedicated Staff

At WreckExpert, our biggest goal is to be successful appraisers and experts for our clients. We want our clients to get what they deserve and we put in the hard work that is required. We aim to educate our clients about the claims process, total loss compensation, and diminished value.

What We Do

We understand you don't get in car accidents every day. We understand you might trust someone with your claim that you shouldn't. Most people prefer an easy process, so make sure you realize the agenda of the insurance adjuster, the body shop, and the car salesperson. We ask that you take a few minutes to understand what you are owed.

WreckExpert is the best source to help you learn what you deserve. Trust a company that is looking out for you.

We assist our clients with many services like: loss of value; unfair total loss offers; negotiating total loss settlements; performing vehicle inspections after a body shop repair; inspecting used cars before or after a purchase; collecting crash data from vehicles; and much more.

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