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WreckExpert is dedicated to helping you tackle the complexities surrounding auto insurance claims.

Total Loss

At WreckExpert, we take pride in being able to help clients every day. If you aren't happy with the total loss vehicle settlement offer from the insurance company, rest assured we are here to help. Insurance companies use their own preferred valuation companies to produce thousands of generic total loss reports per day. We take the approach of one evaluation at a time, ensuring we provide professional total loss claims to meet your needs. If you’ve suffered a car wreck and are struggling to understand why you’re not being offered a fair settlement, you’re not the only one. Luckily, our experts at WreckExpert are here to help with your car accident total loss claims, appraisals, and even negotiate your settlements to help you get the fair and reasonable settlement you deserve.

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Everyone knows that a vehicle loses value after a wreck and this loss is called diminished value. You will need help with your diminished value claim and WreckExpert is on hand to help. We provide diminished value appraisals which is necessary to determine how much loss of value has resulted to your wrecked vehicle. We look forward to educating and serving you throughout this process. Our experienced team can ensure you are in the best position to get the money you are owed. 

How to Choose a Body Shop

When looking for an auto body repair shop to work on your vehicle, it’s important to take the time to find a great one. This involves learning what shops perform proper repairs and which shops don't. Asking your neighbor or colleague for a body shop referral will only let you know who provided good service along with paint that matches. For those reasons, you should not choose a shop until you understand a few critical details. Some questions to ask a shop that should raise some red flags are: Are they a preferred body shop for the insurance company? Do they strictly follow the original manufacturer’s repair procedures? Do they use new original manufacturer parts? Do they use salvage, used, reconditioned, refurbished, and/or aftermarket parts? Are they pressured or rushed to get the repair done faster? Are they providing any repair cost discounts to the vehicle owner or the insurance company? Are they cutting any corners in the repair? Have they had to re-repair or buy a vehicle back due to an improper repair? Will they put in writing answers to all of the above? These are some of the important questions to ask when choosing a body repair shop. In addition, you can ask us at WreckExpert to see if we have inspected any of their completed vehicles. We are here to help you choose wisely and minimize your future frustrations.

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We often inspect "repaired" vehicles after a customer brings them home from the body shop. Unfortunately, we often find that consumers think they received a high-quality and proper repair, but after our inspection, they feel like the shop just committed fraud. Let our consultants at WreckExpert help you resolve this major issue. After inspecting the repairs done by the body shop, we can determine the state of the vehicle and help you get it repaired properly. On many occasions, the body shop will actually buy the vehicle back from our customers, leaving you to purchase a replacement vehicle that hasn't been wrecked.

What to Do When Buying a Car

In a perfect world, it would be easy to determine if the used car you’re buying is really in the condition you’re being promised. With WreckExpert, we are that much closer to providing a worry-free used car buying process. Before buying a used car, it’s important to know that CARFAX® doesn’t report all accidents. CARFAX even recommends that you should get your car professionally inspected. While most mechanics inspect areas like tires, brakes, and exhaust, WreckExpert inspects vehicles for prior damages and potentially unsafe repairs.

Loss of Use

If you were in an accident where the other person was at fault, you may be entitled to reimbursement because you were unable to use your car for a certain amount of time. We will help you navigate loss of use and unreasonable rental car claims. If someone else caused the wreck, you are entitled to make a loss of use claim for reimbursement during these times. WreckExpert can walk you through this process every step of the way.

CDR/EDR Services

This system is often referred to as a Crash Data Recorder (CDR) or and Event Data Recorder (EDR). An EDR recording is designed to record specific vehicle data that has been recorded once there is a triggering event. This data is recovered by an expert to help determine what occurred around the time of the wreck. The length and type of data recorded will depend on the EDR's specific system. It is very common for a personal injury attorney or an insurance company to request this data before the car is sold or scrapped. WreckExpert has the equipment and expertise necessary to recover EDR data from a majority of vehicles. 

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