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Dealing with the aftermath of a car wreck is difficult enough. You also have to worry about what might be unfair about your diminished value or total loss judgment. Luckily, WreckExpert is trained to help you resolve your auto insurance claim to get you everything that is owed and fair. We also provide used car inspections, after-collision repair inspections, attorney referrals, and much more. Call us today to speak to an experienced member of our team or to schedule your free consultation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

My car was totaled. What should I do?

  • Take photos as soon as possible of the damage and entire car to include: mileage, VIN, interior, exterior, etc.
  • File a claim with your own insurance company.
  • File a claim with the at-fault person's insurance company.
  • Verify in writing that the insurance company has declared your vehicle a total loss.
  • Remove your license plate(s) from the vehicle.
  • Remove your belongings and don't forget to check the entire car.
  • Gather the insurance company's offer in writing.
  • Gather the insurance company's evaluation report in writing.
  • Do not accept the offer until you've had a chance to ensure it's fair.

For a free review of your total loss settlement offer, contact us. 

Do I qualify for diminished value?

Diminished value is owed when someone else has caused the damage to your vehicle. Important factors include the car's value, time since the wreck, review of the vehicle's damage, and the ability to collect from the responsible party. It's common for an insurance company to tell you that you do not qualify for diminished value, but that could be a lie.

The best way to know if you qualify is to contact us for a free review of your claim. 

Can I trust CARFAX before I buy a used car?

CARFAX has its strengths and weaknesses. CARFAX is excellent at reporting the information that is reported to them, but most car wrecks are not reported to CARFAX. CARFAX recommends (in small print) that every vehicle should be inspected, which rarely happens.

Before you purchase your next used car, follow Carfax's recommendation and have the vehicle inspected by a wreck expert like us.

What is my car’s value after a wreck?

The short answer—it depends. The insurance company will use an evaluation source that benefits them, not you. While individuals search sources like NADA, KBB, and AutoTrader to find out what their car is worth, appraisers have the ability to value and negotiate your total loss settlement for you.

Contact us for a courtesy review of your claim.

Do I need an attorney after my car wreck?

We work with attorneys all across the country, serving as their wreck expert. We believe if you are injured and/or dealing with a diminished value claim that attorneys often add great value to our clients.

For free referrals to attorneys that handle these types of cases, please contact us.

I want my vehicle repaired properly. What should I do?

Insurance companies refer to body shops that are approved to be in their network. Oftentimes, the body shop views the insurance company as the customer instead of you. This poses a major problem when the insurance company is involved in the repair process. The insurance company's only job is to pay a claim, not to control the body shop and their network. It is critical for you to find a shop that views you as their customer, has proper training and equipment  to repair your specific vehicle, and has the proper mindset to educate their clients when the insurance company is not willing to pay for a necessary repair.

For free guidance on choosing a body shop, contact us. 


five stars

Easy and comprehensive process that yielded an acceptable settlement.

five stars

The best place to turn to be sure you are given the best advise and get the most out of your car when the insurance company is being unreasonable!! I highly recommend wreck experts to anyone looking to be sure they are getting what they deserve!!!

five stars

David is awesome to deal with! This was my first auto accident. David has been absolutely great to deal with and has helped tremendously. Walking me through the steps I needed to get my situation taken care of. Seriously, if you're reading this stop reading and just give them a call.

five stars

WreckExpert provided a lot of good information to take back to my insurance company. David was very professional and provided me some great options to look into. If you need any guidance with accident repair claims with insurance don't hesitate to reach out to WreckExpert. They're quick and responsive!

five stars

Highly recommend! Awesome company, they had so much knowledge about how to handle my situation and how to deal with the insurance company. They clearly have a passion for helping people get results.

five stars

They went above and bond to help my customers there insurance company tried to take advantage of the fact that my customers were deaf. Needless to say they’re very happy with the final results thanks again you guys are AMAZING!!!!